Solar Fuel

CEES affiliates, collaborating with various partners, are working to harness the power of the sun to capture energy from water.

Water molecules are made up of hydrogen and oxygen. When separated from the oxygen component, hydrogen in its free state holds tremendous potential as a clean energy source. Traditional methods of separating hydrogen from oxygen, however, are themselves energy intensive. This team of CEES researchers is synthesizing and investigating compounds and nanoparticles that hold the potential to efficiently and effectively achieve sunlight-driven water splitting.

Faculty and researchers involved with this project include Wake Forest Professor Dr. Abdessadek Lachgar and CEES Postdoc Dr. Keerthi Senevirathne, in collaboration with Wake Forest Professors Dr. Richard Williams, Dr. Natalie A. Holzwarth, Dr. Cynthia S. Day, Dr. Burak Ucer and Bucknell University Professor Dr. Michael Gross.