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Graduate Faculty

Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

The Sustainability Graduate Programs core curriculum and electives are taught by faculty from multiple departments in the Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities, as well as the School of Law and the Schools of Business. Our program’s inclusion of leading faculty members from a majority of the University’s schools and academic units makes it distinct among all other sustainability focused graduate degrees.

Lead Faculty:

Becky Dickson
SUS 701: Global Human Systems
Dr. Dickson maps forest and ecosystem resources, analyzes past land use trends, and models future land use change. She has a PhD in Geography from Clark University and is an expert in geographic information systems, remote sensing analysis, land-cover classification and change analysis, and spatial modeling.



Dan Fogel 
SUS 702: Sustainable Organizational Management
Dr. Fogel is the Director of the Sustainability Graduate Program. He specializes in strategic management, especially innovation processes in firms, including those located in  emerging and transition economies and in emerging industries.  His research and teaching interest are on sustainability practices and principles,  international business and strategy development, and innovation for large organizations.  He has worked extensively as a consultant nationally and internationally for diverse organizations, such General Electric, Motorola (Brazil), Lockheed Martin, Lucent (Brazil), TESS (Brazil), AT&T and Bank of America.  His awards include research grants, several teacher of the year awards, a Fulbright Scholarship to Brazil, the 1988 Winner of the Yoder-Heneman Award, and several times the Distinguished Professor Awards.

Abdou Lachgar
SUS 703: Natural Sciences for Sustainability
Dr. Lachgar a Professor of Chemistry and the Bell Faculty Fellow. His teaching expertise is in the general area of inorganic materials chemistry and nanomaterials. His research projects focus on the development and characterization of materials for potential applications in the field of energy storage and environmental remediation. Three main projects are underway in his laboratory, the first focus on the use of the molecular building block approach to the design and preparation of novel cluster based hybrid inorganic porganic materials for hydrogen storage and CO2 sequestration, the second is the synthesis and structural characterization of materials for use as high capacity cathodes in rechargeable lithium ion batteries, and the third project has the objective of developing solid acid base catalysts for the production of biodiesel from inexpensive feedstock such as brown and black grease. Lachgar has authored over 90 papers and has received over $2,000,000 in grants since he joined the university in August 1991.

Vanessa Zboreak
SUS 704: Sustainability Law and Policy

Vanessa Zboreak joined Wake Forest University School of Law in 2011 and currently teaches LAWR and a seminar in Food Law and Policy as well as a portion of the Public Law course in the MSL program. Her previous roles at Wake Forest University have been as a PEM Fellow in the Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability; and a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the School of Law. Her research centers around land use law as a public policy instrument, particularly state and local government land use policies influencing food systems, environmental justice, environmental health, sustainable communities, and demographic shifts. She received a B.A. from Grinnell College and a J.D. from Wake Forest.

Stan Meiburg
SUS 705: Applied Sustainability Practicum
Meiburg served as Acting Deputy Administrator for the EPA from 2014 to 2017, capping a 39-year career with the agency. He is known for leading efforts to protect the nation’s air and water, clean up hazardous and toxic waste sites, build collaborative relationships with state and tribal environmental programs, and promote sound management in EPA. At Wake Forest, Stan leads the master of arts in sustainability program and associated dual degree and certificate programs. He works with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (CEES). Meiburg joined the EPA in 1977 in Washington, D.C., and later served as deputy regional director of the EPA’s Atlanta office and as the deputy regional administrator in Dallas, Texas. He was only the second person in the agency’s history to serve as deputy regional administrator in more than one region. From 1985 to 1990, he served with the EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards in Research Triangle Park.

Jon Clift
SUS 706: Applied Sustainability Practicum
Jon joined the Sustainability Graduate Program in 2014 as the Associate Director of Outreach. His background is in design, marketing, and natural resources. Jon graduated from Duke University with a Masters of Environmental Management from the Nicholas School of the Environment. He strives to create connections for our students to the world outside that spark ideas, undiscovered passions, and innovation.

Supporting Program Faculty:

catanosoJustin Catanoso
Program Director, Journalism and Associate Professor of the Practice



Keith Bonin Keith Bonin
Professor and Chair of Physics



SaSaylor Breckenridgeylor Breckenridge

Associate Professor, Sociology



Robert ErhardtRobert Erhardt
Assistant Professor of Math



Steve FolmarSteve Folmar
Assistant Professor, Cultural/Applied Anthropology



Michael Gross

Michael Gross
Assistant Professor of Chemistry



Dilip KondepudiDilip Kondepudi
Professor of Chemistry


John KnoxJohn Knox

Henry C. Lauerman Professor of International Law


Judith MaderaJudith Madera

Associate Professor of English



Alan for CEESAlan Palmiter
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, School of Law
Howard L. Oleck Professor of Business Law


David Phillips
Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities and Women’s, Gender’s, and Sexuality Studies


Sidney ShapiroSidney Shapiro
University Distinguished Chair in Law


Miles HeadshotMiles Silman

CEES Director
Professor of Biology


Steve VirgilSteve Virgil
Director of the Community Law & Business Clinic, Associate Clinical Professor of Law


Ron Von BurgRon Von Burg
Assistant Professor of Communication



Amy WallisAmy Wallis
Director of Global Initiatives, Professor of Practice



Robert WhaplesRobert Whaples
Professor of Economics


Richard Williams for CEESRichard Williams
Reynolds Professor of Physics