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The Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability consists of four committees designed to advance the mission and vision of the Center. These committees are the Executive Committee, the Research Committee, the Outreach and Engagement Committee, and the Education Committee. All CEES committees are chaired or co-chaired by a CEES board member. 

  • The Executive Committee advises the CEES Director and has fiduciary oversight of the Center. Executive Committee members include Miles Silman (Biology), Gail O’Day (School of Divinity), and Alan Palmiter (School of Law).
  • The Research Committee oversees the CEES mini-grant award process as well as the CEES research group. Current members of the Research Committee are Dr. T. Michael Anderson (Biology), Dr. Rob Erhardt (Mathematics), Dr. Scott Geyer (Chemistry), Dr. Natalie Holzworth (Physics), Dr. Abdou Lachgar (Chemistry), and Paul Pauca (Computer Science).
  • The Outreach/Engagement Committee creates opportunities for member engagement through speakers, events, and other activities. Current members include Fred Bahnson (School of Divinity), Justin Catanoso (Journalism), Ally Hellenga (Office of Sustainability), Dedee DeLongpre Johnston (Office of Sustainability), and John Knox (School of Law).
  • The Education Committee works to integrate education for sustainability across the University, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional education. Ron Von Burg (Communications), Rob Erhardt (Mathematics), Dedee DeLongpre Johnston (Office of Sustainability), Lucas Johnston (Religion), Amanda Lanier (Reynolda Gardens), and Eric Stottlemyer (English) are members of this committee.

To join a CEES committee or to request more information, email cees@wfu.edu.