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Magnolias Curriculum Workshop

Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

Since 2012, CEES and the WFU Office of Sustainability have co-sponsored an annual curriculum workshop for Wake Forest faculty. The workshop, fondly known as the Magnolias Project, empowers faculty to integrate sustainability across the curriculum. Participants gather for two days of discussion and reflection, over the course of which they learn about sustainability, resources available on-campus, and the experiences of colleagues who have incorporated sustainability-focused learning outcomes into their teaching.

After the workshop, participants create a syllabus for a new course or revise a syllabus for an existing course, integrating sustainability into the course content. The Magnolias Project, based on the Piedmont Project at Emory University and the Ponderosa Project at Northern Arizona State, has already made a significant impact on the Wake Forest campus. Applications for the May workshop become available each April.