My research interests include environmental and climate statistics, computational statistics, extremes, and actuarial science. I’m particularly interested in measuring and quantifying environmental risks, studying impacts of climate change on these risks, and exploring possible insurance solutions.

Selected Publications:
Hepler, S. A., Erhardt, R., & Anderson, T. M. (2018). Identifying Drivers of Spatial Variation in Occupancy with Limited Replication Camera Trap Data. Ecology, 99:10, 2152-2158. (A statistical approach which allows scientists to quantify land use among various mammals when obtained from camera trap data.)
Erhardt, R., & Engler, D. (2018). An Extension of Spatial Dependence Models for Estimating Short-Term Temperature Portfolio Risk. North American Actuarial Journal, 1-18. (A statistical approach to jointly measuring the risk of holding multiple weather derivatives (a form of insurance against undesirable weather events, which are drivers of loss).
Erhardt, R and Von Burg, R. (2018). How do they know and what could we do? The science of 21st century climate projections and opportunities for actuaries. The Society of Actuaries. (A 44 page white paper funded by the Society of Actuaries to educate their members on climate model projections.)
Erhardt, R. (2017). Climate, Weather and Environmental Sources for Actuaries. The Society of Actuaries.(A 78 page white paper on sources for actuarial environmental risk measurement).