Rebecca is a Mellon Teacher-Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow in the Interdisciplinary Humanities program who teaches courses on topics related to the environmental humanities, sustainable food systems, and community-engaged research methods. Experiential, solutions-based, and locally-engaged learning are the main pillars of her interdisciplinary environmental studies pedagogy, which have led to an ongoing curricular partnership with the WFU Campus Garden. Her research centers on understanding what motivates participation in sustainable food movements, as well as the role of historical-geographic context in the emergence of these movements and their various initiatives. Her previous research examined both the contemporary manifestations of and historical antecedents to antiracist intervention into Philadelphia’s urban agriculture movement, while her current project looks at a growing Jewish agrarian movement in North America. She recently received a permaculture design certification and is excited about any opportunity to implement regenerative land and food growing practices on and off-campus.