Writing Resistance: Sustainable Spiritualities in the Anthropocene with Terry Tempest Williams


From February 6-9, Terry Tempest Williams will visit Wake Forest University. Williams is a well-known writer, naturalist, and advocate for wild places. Throughout her life, Williams has published books of numerous [...]

Writing Resistance: Sustainable Spiritualities in the Anthropocene with Terry Tempest Williams2017-01-07T17:13:39-05:00

CEES in Belize


Photo: Scott McCullough The Lighthouse Reef Atoll off the coast of Belize, one of the most pristine marine environments in the Caribbean Sea, has become an educational destination [...]

CEES in Belize2015-04-08T11:09:09-04:00

True Value Meals


by Dr. Angela King, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry My family and I live on a 22-acre farm in Stokes County. We are serious gardeners. I can’t remember the [...]

True Value Meals2014-11-04T09:06:32-05:00

CEES studying biochar in the Amazon


CEES faculty members Miles Silman and Abdou Lachgar, and CEES fellow and MA in Sustainability graduate student Andrew Wilcox and are on a mission to change tropical agriculture in the [...]

CEES studying biochar in the Amazon2019-12-19T10:37:27-05:00

Sharing perspectives across disciplines


Eleven faculty members from across the disciplinary spectrum came together on May 13-14, 2014 for the 3rd annual Magnolias Curriculum Project. This year’s workshop was co-facilitated by communications professor Ron [...]

Sharing perspectives across disciplines2014-05-20T12:54:32-04:00

The medieval world and climate change


by Monique O'Connell, Associate Professor of History This past semester I had the chance to put the lessons I learned about sustainability in the curriculum from the Magnolias Project workshop [...]

The medieval world and climate change2014-05-19T16:55:38-04:00

Practicing the art of being green


In an effort to train the environmental leaders of tomorrow, one innovative course at WFU focuses on how sustainability is woven into ongoing projects.  Students enrolled in the course, "Green [...]

Practicing the art of being green2014-04-08T13:48:36-04:00
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