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UN forest accounting loophole allows CO2 underreporting by EU, UK, US


by Justin Catanoso Emissions accounting helps determine whether or not nations are on target to achieve their voluntary Paris Agreement reduction goals. Ideally, the global community’s CO2 pledges, adjusted downward [...]

UN forest accounting loophole allows CO2 underreporting by EU, UK, US2018-05-03T17:22:00-04:00

People of all Faiths Face Climate Change with Hope, Action, Urgency


by Justin Catanoso Two years after Pope Francis launched Laudato Si, the Vatican’s plea to save the earth, Trump rejected its tenets and the Paris Agreement. But people of all [...]

People of all Faiths Face Climate Change with Hope, Action, Urgency2017-06-13T16:57:29-04:00

Celebration of the inaugural Masters in Sustainability class


Photo: Scott McCullough On May 7th, the inaugural class of Wake Forest Masters in Sustainability (MASus) graduate students and the program faculty celebrated their time together, and the [...]

Celebration of the inaugural Masters in Sustainability class2015-05-19T14:01:10-04:00

CEES in Belize


Photo: Scott McCullough The Lighthouse Reef Atoll off the coast of Belize, one of the most pristine marine environments in the Caribbean Sea, has become an educational destination [...]

CEES in Belize2015-04-08T11:09:09-04:00

Sustainability Practica: Investigation to Action


In November, MA Sustainability students investigated and articulated sustainability-related organizational challenges during an in-class session with Winston-Salem based clients. This living learning laboratory experience was one step in preparing students [...]

Sustainability Practica: Investigation to Action2015-01-29T10:11:14-05:00

PRO+ECT event reveals ocean issues


For a conservation event with potentially apocalyptic connotations, Thursday’s PRO+ECT (Pledging Responsibility for Oceans and Environmental Change Today) event in Brendle Recital Hall was frank, optimistic and self-aware: panelist and [...]

PRO+ECT event reveals ocean issues2015-01-29T09:53:48-05:00

GMO’s: Fear, Facts, Farms, and Food


By Gloria Muday and Susan Fahrbach, Department of Biology Every day, we decide what to eat. These daily decisions have profound impact on both our own health and the health [...]

GMO’s: Fear, Facts, Farms, and Food2014-12-10T10:10:49-05:00

UN Climate Change Conference


Photo credit: Justin Catanoso Every year the world comes together to discuss progress on combating climate change.  The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change hosts the COP--the Conference [...]

UN Climate Change Conference2014-12-09T15:37:04-05:00

What’s the problem?


The secret to a great solution is a well-articulated problem. Unfortunately, we seem hardwired to jump into solution development mode prematurely; we imagine all the benefits that a particular outcome [...]

What’s the problem?2014-11-04T11:08:51-05:00
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