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COP25 may put climate at greater risk by failing to address forests


By: Justin Catanoso, CEES Affiliate and Board Member; Professor of Journalism at Wake Forest and career journalist with over 30 years experience. This will be Catanoso's sixth climate summit. COP25, [...]

COP25 may put climate at greater risk by failing to address forests2019-12-19T10:51:16-05:00

U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Accord Could Take up to 4 Years


On June 1, President Trump announced that the U.S. will be withdrawing from the Paris Agreement— a historic, global accord aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting the rise [...]

U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Accord Could Take up to 4 Years2017-06-02T19:40:24-04:00

Climate change policy in NC


On talk shows and political fronts across the United States, the battle to be right about climate change — and possibly save Earth — is playing out. The panel discussion [...]

Climate change policy in NC2015-05-20T10:10:00-04:00

A lesson about values


Photo by Scott McCullough, MA’15 This February graduate students in the Applied Sustainability class visited TS Designs, a Certified Benefit Corporation making t-shirts in Burlington, North Carolina. The [...]

A lesson about values2015-03-04T10:01:35-05:00

Sustainability Practica: Investigation to Action


In November, MA Sustainability students investigated and articulated sustainability-related organizational challenges during an in-class session with Winston-Salem based clients. This living learning laboratory experience was one step in preparing students [...]

Sustainability Practica: Investigation to Action2015-01-29T10:11:14-05:00

PRO+ECT event reveals ocean issues


For a conservation event with potentially apocalyptic connotations, Thursday’s PRO+ECT (Pledging Responsibility for Oceans and Environmental Change Today) event in Brendle Recital Hall was frank, optimistic and self-aware: panelist and [...]

PRO+ECT event reveals ocean issues2015-01-29T09:53:48-05:00

UN Climate Change Conference


Photo credit: Justin Catanoso Every year the world comes together to discuss progress on combating climate change.  The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change hosts the COP--the Conference [...]

UN Climate Change Conference2014-12-09T15:37:04-05:00

What’s the problem?


The secret to a great solution is a well-articulated problem. Unfortunately, we seem hardwired to jump into solution development mode prematurely; we imagine all the benefits that a particular outcome [...]

What’s the problem?2014-11-04T11:08:51-05:00

The Sustainable Corporation


Is the modern corporation sustainable? WFU Law professor and CEES advisory board member, Alan Palmiter, investigates such questions in a course he has taught for the past two years in [...]

The Sustainable Corporation2014-06-25T11:49:29-04:00
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