Sustainability across the Curriculum


The sixth annual Magnolias Curriculum Project brought together 14 faculty members on May 10-11, 2017, to develop innovative course components that will inspire systems thinking in students and empower an [...]

Sustainability across the Curriculum2017-06-09T16:51:07-04:00

Lions in the balance


Conflict between predators and people have existed as long as we have. Most large predators were eradicated from North America and Europe over the past few hundred years. And even [...]

Lions in the balance2015-10-14T11:24:20-04:00

Celebration of the inaugural Masters in Sustainability class


Photo: Scott McCullough On May 7th, the inaugural class of Wake Forest Masters in Sustainability (MASus) graduate students and the program faculty celebrated their time together, and the [...]

Celebration of the inaugural Masters in Sustainability class2015-05-19T14:01:10-04:00

CEES in Belize


Photo: Scott McCullough The Lighthouse Reef Atoll off the coast of Belize, one of the most pristine marine environments in the Caribbean Sea, has become an educational destination [...]

CEES in Belize2015-04-08T11:09:09-04:00

A lesson about values


Photo by Scott McCullough, MA’15 This February graduate students in the Applied Sustainability class visited TS Designs, a Certified Benefit Corporation making t-shirts in Burlington, North Carolina. The [...]

A lesson about values2015-03-04T10:01:35-05:00

Sustainability Practica: Investigation to Action


In November, MA Sustainability students investigated and articulated sustainability-related organizational challenges during an in-class session with Winston-Salem based clients. This living learning laboratory experience was one step in preparing students [...]

Sustainability Practica: Investigation to Action2015-01-29T10:11:14-05:00

The search for an impact career


This November the MA in Sustainability program brought Katie Kross to campus to provide an insider’s guide to the sustainability job search. Kross, who is the managing director of the [...]

The search for an impact career2014-12-10T10:27:33-05:00

GMO’s: Fear, Facts, Farms, and Food


By Gloria Muday and Susan Fahrbach, Department of Biology Every day, we decide what to eat. These daily decisions have profound impact on both our own health and the health [...]

GMO’s: Fear, Facts, Farms, and Food2014-12-10T10:10:49-05:00
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