Amazonian Ecosystem Services

Land Rights, Forests, Food Systems Central to Limiting Global Warming: Report


By Justin Catanoso In the wake of the dire, just released UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, a climate advocacy group known as CLARA (Climate, Land, Ambition and Rights [...]

Land Rights, Forests, Food Systems Central to Limiting Global Warming: Report2019-12-19T10:51:03-05:00

UN Climate Change Conference


Photo credit: Justin Catanoso Every year the world comes together to discuss progress on combating climate change.  The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change hosts the COP--the Conference [...]

UN Climate Change Conference2014-12-09T15:37:04-05:00

CEES studying biochar in the Amazon


CEES faculty members Miles Silman and Abdou Lachgar, and CEES fellow and MA in Sustainability graduate student Andrew Wilcox and are on a mission to change tropical agriculture in the [...]

CEES studying biochar in the Amazon2019-12-19T10:37:27-05:00

Bamboo-based Charcoal Restores Soil Health


By Andrew Wilcox, CEES Fellow Charcoal isn’t just for grilling anymore.  Biochar, a specific kind of charcoal produced efficiently from sustainably sourced feedstocks, such as agricultural residues, bamboo, and timber [...]

Bamboo-based Charcoal Restores Soil Health2014-02-10T11:54:44-05:00

Threat to biodiversity in Peru’s Cloud Forest


Researchers at Wake Forest have pieced together startling new evidence that shows rapid 21st century warming may spell doom for tree species in Peruvian cloud forests, with species losing up [...]

Threat to biodiversity in Peru’s Cloud Forest2013-09-24T15:09:41-04:00

How Climate Change affects Tropical Forests


CEES Director and Professor of Biology Miles Silman recently spoke to WUNC about how global temperature increases are affecting tropical forests.  Silman and his research group have been measuring forest [...]

How Climate Change affects Tropical Forests2019-12-19T10:50:22-05:00

Climate Changes in South America


CEES Director Miles Silman was featured in WXII's piece on climate changes in South America.  Reporter Cameron Kent's story "The Lungs of the World" takes a closer look at the [...]

Climate Changes in South America2012-05-17T13:48:14-04:00