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Who We're Looking For

The Master of Arts in Sustainability and the Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainability are highly selective and each program’s prospective students are among the most ambitious, intelligent and entrepreneurial out there.

Picture taken by Scott McCullough, MA '15

Successful applicants do not share a typical background nor are they required to have completed specific prerequisites prior to matriculation. The profile of a successful applicant will typically take the form of an accomplished mid-career professional seeking to re‐orient or supplement their career with deep expertise in the field of sustainability, or a recent undergraduate from a highly ranked institution of higher education from across the nation or from across the globe.


The integrated curriculum of our programs prepare students to join the vanguard of the sustainability movement, which is generating extensive and diverse opportunities for graduates in private business, as well as in NGOs, and government bodies. We are looking for those applicants who will utilize our program as a mechanism for adding value to their professional endeavors while simultaneously satisfying the urgent societal need for highly knowledgeable leaders in the field of sustainability.



If you have an interest in joining us, reach out to us at msus@wfu.edu or read further about our Masters of Arts in Sustainability degree program.