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Policy, Enterprise & Ecosystem Markets Group

The Policy, Enterprise and Ecosystem Markets (PEM) group works to explore and facilitate legal, economic and managerial solutions to society’s energy and environmental challenges. This group, composed of faculty and researchers from the Wake Forest Schools and Business and the School of Law, draws on the diverse and practical expertise of its members who have substantial experience in business, law and the government. The PEM group seeks to facilitate thorough understanding of the policy frameworks, business practices and regulatory regimes that impact the development and implementation of emerging technologies and the evolving governance techniques related to the environment and energy resources.

Current PEM efforts include the facilitation of the deployment and implementation of distributed alternative energy systems in developing nations, the formulation of sustainability strategies in business models, the compilation of a comprehensive academic resource for teaching energy law and policy, the examination of state and federal policy impacting the development of renewable energy generation and the development of expertise for shepherding new alternative energy technologies through the different stages of commercialization.