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Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services Group

The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) group operates at the nexus between field research and laboratory analysis. The efforts of this group, which includes faculty members and researchers from the Department of Biology, as well as outside experts and academics, includes paradigm shifting scientific inquiry into the most important questions in the areas of biodiversity, ecology physiology and related disciplines. The BES group strives to develop a thorough understanding of topics such as the response of forest ecosystems to changes in climate and the adaptive characteristics of plants and animals in response to global change impacts.

Specific BES projects include the study of species migration in response to climate change, the development of techniques for the remote sensing of forest structures, the examination of tropical savanna ecosystem and their responses to human activities and climate variation, the investigation of human and wildlife effects of heavy metal contamination in waterways and the advancement of conservation efforts of threatened Pacific seabirds in response to fishing.