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Applied Sustainability Client Projects

A highlight of the MA in Sustainability Program at Wake Forest are client-based projects in a required course, Applied Sustainability.


  • Deliver value to the client
  • Build student skills
  • Expand professional networks
  • Provide an opportunity for focus and application

A defining element of the MA client-based projects is an intense problem definition phase. This effort made by the students, with feedback from clients, project coordinators, and advisors is a critical and unique skill set developed by the students and delivered to the clients.

Our students have diverse interest and we welcome projects from any sustainability discipline.

To apply or for more information contact: Jon Clift at cliftjs@wfu.edu.


CLIENT GUIDE  |   2015/16


The Applied Sustainability Client Project aims to empower students with interdisciplinary experiences through a client-centered, practicum. Students have the opportunity to engage with clients, work in teams, and see first-hand the multi-faceted experiences a career in sustainability demands and affords. The MA program faculty and staff view these projects as a critical component of experiential education in Wake Forest’s MA in Sustainability, helping students develop the skills employers seek. A member of the Wake Forest community will be assigned as an advisor to each team.

The projects likely take the form of management plans, handbooks, sustainability strategies, or other such work products.


The best projects are those where clients participate with a level of interaction that intends to meet the client’s goals while at the same time provides guidance to the student teams. This is often unique to each team. This includes a 7 day feedback guideline that the students are required to respect. The calendar represents what a client should expect in the Applied Sustainability Project Process.


Student Applications & Team Assignments September 2015 Students apply to available projects
Kick-Off Client/Group Meeting September 2015 Teams, clients, and advisors meet virtually or locally (clients provide enough information for team to draft first problem statement)
Problem Statement Draft I & II October 2015 Draft I is reviewed by professor, project coordinator, and advisors. Clients review Draft II and provide feedback in 7 days.
Problem Statement October 2015 Feedback Incorporated by Student Team
Project Management Plan Draft I & II November 2015 Draft I is reviewed by professor, project coordinator, and advisors. Clients review Draft II and provide feedback in 7 days.
Project Management Plan November 2016 Feedback Incorporated
Action Steps Progress Report 1 & 2 January/February 2016 Review, feedback if necessary
Draft Final Work Product March 2016 Provide Feedback in 7 days
Practice Project Presentation April 2016 Client Optional Attendance
Final Project April 2016 Emailed & Hard Copy
Presentation April 2016 Client Attendance Appreciated
Project Reflection & Feedback April/May 2016 Email Request from Jon Clift


Program Contact Information:

Dedee DeLongpre Johnston
Chief Sustainability Officer
Wake Forest University
Lead Course Faculty

Jon Clift
Associate Director of Outreach
Project Coordinator