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CEES Faculty Publishes Book on Strategic Sustainability

April 13, 2016

Dan-Fogel-Strategic-SustainabilityDr. Dan Fogel, Sustainability Graduate Programs Director, recently published a book titled, Strategic Sustainability: A Natural Environmental Lens on Organizations and Management. The book, which attempts to marry sustainability and organization theory and practice, outlines how organizations can implement environmental sustainability science, theories, and ways of thinking to become more competitive.

“This book draws from disparate fields and creates a story about organizations, their future and how we, as humans, are part of the problem — yet more importantly, part of the solution. My hope is that you will find ways to take action to improve organizations and avoid denigrating our natural environment. As you read this material, and other commentaries on this important topic, be mindful of the deep sense of urgency we all should feel to improve our impact on the natural world.”

Click here to view Dan Fogel’s archived article on the Sustainability Graduate Programs’ Medium account.