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Oana Jurchescu Awarded Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching

February 23, 2013

Assistant Professor of Physics Oana Jurchescu was awarded the Reid-Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching, which recognizes faculty who are in the early part of their careers. This past year, Jurchescu published eight articles with her students, who describe her teaching style as “challenging and rewarding.” “She builds relationships with her students on trust, teamwork, and creating an environment where failure is allowed as part of the research process,” Provost Rogan Kersh said of Jurchescu. “She encourages her students to give their best and to extend their reach, never accepting ‘good enough.'”

Dr. Jurchescu, a CEES associated faculty member, received her PhD from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, in 2006 and began postdoctoral work at Penn State University while also serving as a guest researcher in the Semiconductor Electronics Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. She joined the faculty of Wake Forest University in 2009, where her research focuses on organic and flexible electronics and organic spintronics.

Source: Wake Forest University News Office