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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Sustainability Graduate Programs


The Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) at Wake Forest University serves as a catalyst, linking Wake Forest with the global community, to advance research and education in energy, environment, and sustainability.

We work on some of the most defining issues of our time and we invite you to join us in finding solutions to these challenges.

Upcoming Events

  • What’s the problem?

    The secret to a great solution is a well-articulated problem. Unfortunately, we seem hardwired to jump into solution development mode prematurely; we imagine all the benefits that a particular outcome might bring and often don’t make time to question assumptions about root causes. Students in Applied Sustainability, one of the…

  • True Value Meals

    by Dr. Angela King, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry My family and I live on a 22-acre farm in Stokes County. We are serious gardeners. I can’t remember the last time I bought a tomato at the store and I have saved my own okra and basil seeds each…

  • Frank Hajek shares conservation perspective

    Frank Hajek and his team are working to change the ways we think about and conduct conservation in the Amazon basin. Hajek, founder and director of Nature Services Peru, an environmental consulting firm, and SEPeru, a non-profit conservation organization, visited WFU in October, to deepen the partnership with CEES in…

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