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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Sustainability Graduate Programs


The Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) at Wake Forest University serves as a catalyst, linking Wake Forest with the global community, to advance research and education in energy, environment, and sustainability.

We work on some of the most defining issues of our time and we invite you to join us in finding solutions to these challenges.

  • Book Review: “Hope on Earth: A Conversation”

    By Richard Schneider, Hope on Earth: A Conversation, by Paul Ehrlich & Michael Charles Tobias, University of Chicago Press, 2014 Eavesdropping has a long and distinguished (or sordid) history not only in social life but in books, plays, and movies, too. Sometimes eavesdropping can lead to the solution of a…

  • CEES studying biochar in the Amazon

    CEES faculty members Miles Silman and Abdou Lachgar, and CEES fellow and MA in Sustainability graduate student Andrew Wilcox and are on a mission to change tropical agriculture in the Amazon.  By creating biochar, a type of fertilizer and soil conditioner made from charred agricultural waste and native Amazonian bamboo, it…

  • Ocean Acidification: The other climate change problem

    By Katie Lotterhos, Assistant Professor of Biology Since the Industrial Revolution, gigatons of carbon dioxide have been released into the atmosphere, which has resulted in the well-known greenhouse effect and long-term increases in global temperature. A lesser-known effect of climate change is ocean acidification. Because carbon dioxide tends toward equilibrium,…

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