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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Center for Energy, Environment & Sustainability

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Sustainability Graduate Programs


The Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) at Wake Forest University serves as a catalyst, linking Wake Forest with the global community, to advance research and education in energy, environment, and sustainability.

We work on some of the most defining issues of our time and we invite you to join us in finding solutions to these challenges.

  • CEES in Belize

    The Lighthouse Reef Atoll off the coast of Belize, one of the most pristine marine environments in the Caribbean Sea, has become an educational destination during spring break for Wake Forest students and faculty studying climate change and sustainability. During Spring Break, two groups from campus crossed paths on the…

  • Students Help with Belize Coastal Zone Management

    Like many Wake Forest students who head off to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean for spring break, students in the Masters in Sustainability Coasts and Climate Change course spent their spring break in the jungles and coasts of Belize. However, they were not there to simply bask in the…

  • A lesson about values

    This February graduate students in the Applied Sustainability class visited TS Designs, a Certified Benefit Corporation making t-shirts in Burlington, North Carolina. The students spent the morning with company President, Eric Henry, who aims to create the “highest quality, most sustainable, printed apparel,” measuring success against the triple bottom line:…

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